Combining local expertise with international experience

Helping clients make informed decisions


Robledo & Higgs is a Colombian law firm specializing in legal services for foreigners and local startups. With extensive international experience and an in-depth understanding of local laws, we are committed to the personal and professional success of our clients. We provide our services in a timely manner, enabling our clients to make informed decisions to achieve their goals. Our partners directly oversee each matter from initial consultation through to completion. Robledo & Higgs is a truly bi-lingual law firm, working seamlessly in English and Spanish. We can also provide our services in French.


Robledo & Higgs is a law firm based in Medellin, Colombia that offers accessible, high quality legal advice. 


Advice that is relevant, easy to understand, and delivered in a timely manner.


Every case and client is unique. Understanding our clients’ goals is key to our success.
We offer a complimentary initial consultation.